Lecture Schedule (Spring-Summer, 2018)

Week Date Lecturers Lecture Themes and Abstracts Reference
1 4/11 Hitotsubashi University Opening  
2 4/18 Hideki Matsumura

Chief Senior Economist Economics Dept., The Japan Research Institute, Limited
On the Global Economic Environment Download
The continuing recovery of the global economy has brought about significant changes in the economic environment overall, influencing a range of dimensions including monetary policies, fiscal policies, and political systems worldwide. This lecture summarizes the shift in the recent economic trends and discusses both the current situation and future prospects for the global economy.
3 4/25 Yoshimasa Moriguchi

General Manager, Financial Research Dept., SMBC
Japanese Banks in the Changing Business Environment and SMBC’s Strategies to Cope with the Changes Download
A combination of factors such as the prolonged negative interest rate policies in Japan, an international move toward tighter financial regulation, and growing digital innovation has radically changed the business environment in which Japanese banks transact business. Amid such a radical structural change, what strategies should SMBC Group employ to survive into the future? This lecture overviews what changes Japanese banks are facing in the current business environment and explains what business strategies SMBC are employing to adapt to the changes.
4 5/2 Atsushi Ota

Joint General Manager, International Banking Unit, SMBC
SMBC’s Global Strategies Download
This lecture examines what banks have been the major players in the global financial market since the economic crisis triggered by Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy, and attempts to locate Japanese banks among their global competitors. It also discusses the recent trends in global business, and suggests effective survival strategies for Japanese banks. Given the competitiveness of the current global financial market, it further explains what skills and abilities are required to succeed as a transnationally competent worker of SMBC.
5 5/9 Yasuhiro Sasaki

Assistant General Manager, Corporate Research Dept., SMBC
Global Corporate Finance (1) On Industry Sectors in Europe Download
This lecture discusses the industry sectors in Europe from the following perspectives: the current economic environments and future business prospects of both the whole Europe and each of the individual major countries in the region; the latest trends in major industries; the lending stance of financial institutions; the process of the Brexit negotiations; and the problem of labor shortage in each country.
6 5/16 Tomofumi Watanabe

Joint General Manager, IT Innovation Dept., SMBC
SMBC’s Innovation Strategies Download
This lecture explains the concepts of “innovation” and “open innovation” as technical terms used in business administration, and illustrates some of the innovation strategies that SMBC have actually employed.
7 5/30 Isao Sakata

General Manager, Transportation Dept., SMBC
Aircraft Finance Download
This lecture looks at the rising market demand for air transportation and aircraft manufacturing that is driven by the global economic growth. It then focuses on the roles of aircraft finance in the aviation industry, and clarifies how this type of finance concerns manufacturing industries. Further, the lecture also shows specific examples of the business strategies employed by SMBC’s Aircraft Finance.
8 6/6 Kurando Kataoka

Senior Vice President, Global Trade Finance Dept., SMBC
Banking Business in International Trade Download
This lecture focuses on the roles of banking business and the importance of financing in international transactions. It also illustrates the process by which trade financing is arranged and the differences of trade financing and corporate financing.
9 6/13 Matthew Grayson

General Manager, Institutional Client Dept., Asia, SMBC
Global Corporate Finance (2) Global corporate finance & the role of banks Download
This talk will give a broad overview on how banks support companies to expand their business around the world with a detailed focus on some of the different methods of raising funds. It will also include discussion of what Japanese companies are doing to build their global business and the challenges they face.
10 6/20 Yoko Chivers

Senior Vice President, Growth Industry Cluster Dept., SMBC
On SMBC’s Initiatives in Growth Industry Clusters Download
This lecture explains how SMBC has undertaken the promotion of growth industry clusters, by citing some of the initiatives that the bank was involved in both in and outside Japan, paying particular attention to the latest trends in sustainable energy industry.
11 6/27 Hideo Ushijima

Joint General Manager, Head of Project Finance Group, Structured Finance Dept., SMBC
Global Project Finance Download
The project finance is an effective method for financing large-scale projects such as infrastructural development and natural resource development. Citing specific projects and case studies, this lecture illustrates the characteristic features of the project finance and its contribution to economic growth. Furthermore, in view of the increasing global need for the large-scale investments in infrastructural development, the lecture also discusses what roles are expected of the project finance and what challenges are posed to it.
12 7/4 Takara Ohori

Joint General Manager, Planning Dept., Treasury Unit, SMBC
SMBC’s Market Operations Download
This lecture overviews SMBC’s market operations based on the bank’s practical experience as a market player who has survived various global financial crises including the economic downturn precipitated by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the European debt crisis.
13 7/11 Takehiro Miki

Senior Vice PresidentHuman Resources Dept., SMBC
SMBC’s Human Resource Strategies Download
This lecture discusses SMBC’s human resource strategies by focusing on the roles of the human resources department; the personnel management in relation to the business strategies; and the acquisition and training of internationally competent workers who can adapt themselves to the rapidly globalizing business operations.
14 7/18 Hitotsubashi University Closing