List of the Related Courses

List of the Courses Related to 2018 SMBC-Funded Lecture Course

Course Day/ Period/ Quarter Instructor(s)
Special Seminar A Tue/ 4/ Spring-Summer R. Matsumoto
Special Seminar B Tue/ 4/ Autumn-Winter R. Matsumoto
International Field Studies A
(in Germany and France)
(Registration is granted only to those who have registered for both seminars above.)
Winter Intensive 4&5
(Jan 20-30, 2019)
R. Matsumoto
Special Seminar B Tue/ 3/ Spring-Summer R. Matsumoto
Special Problems of Economic History Tue&Fri/ 2/ Autumn R. Liedtke, T. Mori
Special Seminar A Mon&Thu/ 4/ Winter Y. Saga
Language for Economics C Mon&Thu/ 3/ Winter M.Lau
Topics in Contemporary Economy F Winter Intensive 3 A. Garanto

* SMBC-funded Lecture Course is a series of lectures held in Wednesday 2nd Period, Spring-Summer Quarters, and is counted as the class meetings which constitute “Topics in Contemporary Economy A.”