Program Features

The Lecture Course Funded by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) was established in the 2013 academic year as a course of the Faculty of Economics/ the Graduate School of Economics at Hitotsubashi University, with the aim of producing economists who possess specialist expertise required to analyze the current economic trends accurately. During the first three years, the course provided a series of lectures on the unified theme of “The Governance and Economy Management in the European Union.” At the start of the 2016 academic year, on agreeing about the continuation of the same SMBC-funded lecture course, we decided that the course’s geographical scope should be further expanded so that it will cover not only Europe but much wider regions including the United States and emerging nations. Such an expansion in our scope, in turn, led to a change in the course’s theme as well, which is now renamed “Analyses of Global Economic Trends and Examinations of Financing Strategies.”

The speakers we invite for this newly expanded series of lectures are all leading experts who are active in the forefront of finance and corporate management, and they will examine different aspects of the question of how the economy develops today from both global and regional perspectives. Through this series of lectures, we aim to achieve the following objectives: first, to broaden students’ views on how the global economy shapes and how the financial businesses operate in order to underpin the global economy at large, and, ultimately, to nurture individuals who are fully qualified to be a global leader in a true sense. Amidst the ever-accelerating advances in economic globalization, our objectives will be nothing but what Japan’s business community needs to accomplish urgently, too.

It is with great pleasure that we hereby launch this unique educational program on the new theme of “Analyses of the Global Economy and Examinations of Financial Strategies.” To produce individuals who can play a leading role in the international community has always been a key educational principle of Hitotsubashi University, and it is our hope that this course, together with other related projects including special lectures and summer school programs, will be in line with that principle and contribute to the further improvement of the school’s educational curriculum. We also strongly believe that many Hitotsubashi students, including those who may not major in economics, will attend this course and take the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the ever-changing reality of the global economy today.

This lecture course is also open to the students who attend the universities comprising EUIJ (EU Institute in Japan) and EUSI (EU Studies Institute), two academic consortiums of which administration Hitotsubashi is mainly responsible for. (All the lectures of this course are held at the 2nd period on Wednesdays during the spring-summer quarters, and the series as a whole is considered to constitute the class contents for a course provided under the name of “Topics in Contemporary Economy A”.)

Management Staff

  1. 1.Managing Director:

    Yasuhiro Otsuki (Professor, Faculty of Economics)

  2. 2.Teaching Staff:

    Takahito Mori (Associate Professor)
    Yoshimasa Moriguchi (General Manager, Financial Research Department, SMBC)
    Reiko Matsumoto (Adjunct Assistant Professor)
    Yumi Saga (Adjunct Assistant Professor)
    LIEDTKE Rainer(Visiting Scholar)
    LAU Maximilian (Adjunct Assistant Professor)
    GARANTO Annie (Adjunct Professor)

  3. 3.Secretariat: Yuko M. Inukai